After School Teaching: Fujisaki/Nishijin, 3,000 yen/hr.

Sep 21, 2022 19:22 by EAS Wisdom

We are looking for an experienced and motivated native English speaking teacher to join our international teaching team at Eishinkan Afterschool near Fujisaki Station.

Currently we are hiring for a Monday shift from 3:45 to 6:00 pm.
Opportunities to teach other classes later in the week are also available.

Teach two one-hour group English lessons for low- to mid-grade level elementary school students, based on the National Geographic textbook series.

Lessons are paid @ 3,000 yen/hour.
Prep time before 4:00 pm paid at 1,500 yen/hour.
Round-trip transport also reimbursed, up to 1,000 yen/day.

If interested, please message with a brief introduction and description of your current situation (no more than one paragraph needed). We will then reply with an email address to send your resume/CV.

** Cannot sponsor visas. Applicants must already have authorization to work in Japan.
** Do not contact the school directly.

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