Bicycle and Folding Table/Chairs

May 29, 2021 09:21 by JasonF

Leaving Fukuoka and can’t take these items with me unfortunately.

LOCATION: Akasaka (between Ohori Koen and Tenjin)

Asking 4,000 yen.
Originally purchased for 22,000 from Kaito bicycle shop.
Used reliably for 2.5 years. Solid condition overall.
Bicycle bell lever is broken, but a new one can be bought cheaply.
Seat is in excellent condition since I always used a seat cover.
I need to unregister my bicycle first I believe. Please be patient as this is my first time doing this.

Asking 4,000 yen.
Originally purchased from Amazon. Details:
Overall very good condition. One small section of the table top is a little rough however.

Thank you very much.

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