Carbon Road Bike, Gaming PC and Macbook FOR SALE

Mar 1, 2019 14:01 by joshyboy

Hello everyone.
I’m living near toujinmachi station and I am selling a few things.
Pictures here:

First of all is my Specialized Sirrus Sport Carbon bicycle.
It is a 2017 bicycle. About one year old. Excellent condition.
Bought for 140,000 yen. Selling for 70,000 ONO!

I am also selling my gaming PC. It is a custom built PC and the specs are included in the picture. ATI radeon rx480 GFX card and good specs.
Asking price is 60,000 yen ONO.

Lastly is a refurbished MacBook. It is the old generation. iOS information on the picture. New battery and operating system installed.
Works well for internet browsing and general tasks. Condition is excellent, no scratches or damage.

If you’re interested, let me know.

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