Children’s bicycles and tennis shoes for sale

Nov 15, 2020 08:33 by larsonhall

We are selling a few children’s items.

1. Free to a good home: Little girl’s bike, about 20″ wheels, good for a 4-6 years old. Has rust spots and doesn’t look great but it has all the working parts. We bought it new.
2. 5000 yen: little boys’ bike, 24″ wheels, good for child age about 7-11 years. It is Bridgestone, a very nice brand, and has kept in good shape in spite of the fact that it hasn’t been used for several years. We spent over 20,000 yen for new.
3. Tennis shoes. My son is growing fast and has already grown out of 2 pairs of Yonex tennis shoes, the last one in only a couple of weeks. So we have a pair of 24.5 and 25.0 shoes. Bought for 6000 yen, will sell for 2000 yen.

We can deliver the bicycle anywhere in Fukuoka for the cost of the highway (630 yen x 2) but live near Marina Town Mall if you want to come and get it.


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