Corner Unit TV Console

May 2, 2021 08:36 by pcprov

Dark brown-stained corner TV console with four cabinet doors. Front measures 113 cm across, it’s 45 cm deep, and the back measures 57 cm, with back corners at angles. Top and doors of this console are real laminated wood (sides and base are heavy-duty particleboard). It’s a solid piece of furniture. Attractive waffle-style glass in the two middle doors. It’s perfect for a corner of your living room! It’s a bit heavy, so very solid for holding a substantial TV. See pictures in these links — shown with a few things still inside and with a 37-inch TV sitting on top to give you an idea of size. (It can handle a bigger TV.) Photo of back shows pop-out openings to run cables for game consoles, etc. Selling for ¥19,000 (less than half its purchase price.) Pick up near Ropponmatsu. We can help with delivery within Fukuoka City for an extra ¥1,000 (for time/gas) if you don’t have a car.

Photo links>> ONE:; TWO:; THREE:

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