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Apr 11, 2019 23:59 by Henrik

初めまして. 私はヘンリクです. デンマークから来ました. 私は福岡に住んでいます.
Do you want to improve your language skills? Or do you want to learn a new language? Now you have the chance with your own
professional and private tutor in Fukuoka city.
My name is Henrik Rosleff. I am a professional teacher from Denmark. I have a wide
teaching experience at senior high school level as well as university level.
I offer private language lessons from beginners to advanced of the following languages:
English (beginner- intermediate – advanced)
Spanish (beginner- intermediate)
Danish (beginner- intermediate – advanced)
Latin (beginner- intermediate – advanced)
My fee depends on the number of lessons you sign up for, so please contact me sin order to find out what you need.
Since I am affiliated with a Danish tour company which offers guided tours in Japan, you will find my picture and more information about me (in Danish) on their webpage:

Præsentation af vores rejseledere

Hope to hear from you


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