English teacher for Government facilities in Kurume-city

Dec 8, 2022 09:59 by Ami

Hello great teachers,

We need 5 English teachers who can fulfilthe following conditions.

If you are interested, please apply.

We can’t answer by phone.

Please apply from this web site.

■English teacher for Government facilities in Kurume-city [Class of adults]


A short bus ride from Nishitetsu-Kurumestation

※You can also commute by car

■Payment: 2,500 yen per lesson and transportation fully reimbursed.

※50 minutes per lesson

※Please select the desired date

December 12th (Mon)

8:25-16:35 (10,000 yen)

December 13th (Tue)

8:25-14:40 (7,500 yen)

December 14th(Wed)

13:00-14:40 (2,500 yen)

December 15th(Thu)

8:25-12:00 (5,000 yen)

■Materials: Will be provided

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