Englishplus Looking for Part Time Worker in Kitakyushu

Jun 17, 2024 14:49 by EnglishPlusKitakyushu

EnglishPlus is looking for an energetic, positive, active, and open-minded foreign individual for a part-time position in English
education. The applicant should be enthusiastic, and love teaching to as well as being around students of all ages.

-Job Description-
The applicant will be preparing and executing fun 50-min English lessons with students ranging from toddlers to adults, although mainly
elementary school students, at up to four of our locations. Training, textbooks, and general curriculum will be provided.

One month trial period at 2,200yen/lesson.
Following the trial period, a salary per lesson will be negotiated depending on performance, between 2,500 and 3,000yen/lesson.

-Working Times-
About 2 to 7 hours between 14:30 and 21:30, up to 6 days a week.
No minimum or maximum working hours.
Official working times will be set according to both parties’ schedules.

1) Nakashima, Kokura-kita, Kitakyushu
2) Near Meiji Gakuen, in Tobata Ward, Kitakyushu
Parking may be available, and bus stops nearby

Experienced individuals will be prioritized
There may be full-time positions at a later stage
Raises achievable
Japanese speaking skills are an asset
The applicant shall possess a valid working VISA
VISA renewal possible
The applicant must already live in or around Kitakyushu

If interested, please send your resume to
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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