Euro size 47 blue sneakers for sell

May 9, 2022 07:37 by Neil

I bought a beautiful pair of blue sneakers (EUROPEAN SIZE: 47) from Amazon USA web site for jogging and walking. I tried them on, walked around and they are too small for my big toes.
I paid ¥5,000 so I would like to sell them for ¥3,000 as I have already put them on once.These sneakers are a beautiful blue, very light mesh and have memory foam inside so are very comfortable. They are just as comfortable as the ¥12,000 Nike I normally wear. I am in Dazaifu from Mon ~ Wed, so can meet you at any Nishitetsu train station. I live near a JR train station so alternatively, could meet you at any JR train station on the weekend. The sneakers come with a shoe bag also. Of course, I would be happy to send you some photos. Thanks,

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