Free female kids clothes (with a catch)

Nov 24, 2018 18:51 by Neil

I have a ton of really,really nice female childrens’ clothes (Gap,Comme Ca Du Mode,Hush Hush,etc,etc) that I want to give away for free.
However, I eat cereal everyday and cereal is expensive so just give me ¥1,000 ONLY for everything.
The clothes are mainly summer clothes with some winter clothes included. ALL 120cm, 130cm (some 140cm).
This is what you get for free: 9 t-shirts, 6 tank tops (what the Japanese call,’ camoisole’, 4 x shorts, leggings, a couple of sweatshirts and an ADIDAS sports bag included to carry everything.
Bonus freebie = Pink Disney Princess pouffe (to sit on) and some toys too (girly stuff)
160cm size clothes (winter stuff, simply gorgeous very expensive top included too)
I work near Kurume so I would prefer to meet INSIDE JR Kurume train station however I don’t mind to meet at any JR train station (inside the train station only).
Thanks !!

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