FREE!! Fridge, Washing machine, Mattress, LP gas stove

Sep 29, 2020 18:48 by Rez_1

I am moving out of Fukuoka so I will give away these items for Free!

1. Fridge it is medium sized perfect for family in small house with plenty of space. Although little old but Fully functional.

2. Washing Machine also medium sized little rusty outside but well functional and internally in perfect condition.

3. Mattress- Semi doule. It is perfect for single as well as for couple. It is also in perfect shape because I ralely used it after purchase and as I enjoy sleep in my carpet.

4. LP gas stove- double burner. Works almost like a new one you would purchase in the shop for 15000 yen. I give free but you should take atlease one of the above items with it too!

Besides I have also many other small items like fan, heater, small working tables etc, to give away if you take away any of above items.

All the items are free to take but with only one condition. you have to manage all by yourself to take it away by car or whatever means. The place is very close to Onojo Station and Kasuga Koen and opposite of Kyushu University, Chikushi Campus.

If you are interested, reply here and I will send you the pictures. I will give awya at the middle or third week of October. But don’t be late to book your items.

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