Free friendly and captive bred juvenile Japanese rat snake to good home

Mar 5, 2019 08:49 by Neko819

I have a very friendly Japanese rat snake for a good home. Included is big clear plastic storage tub that is perfect, heating pad, climbing log, and large water container also included. I’m moving in with my wife’s mother because she is very ill and my wife has to take care of her, and she doesn’t allow snakes. I’m done trying to argue or reason with her about it but I’m forced to give up. He is captive bred, and releasing him into the wild is not an option. He’s never bitten or been aggresive with me or anyone else. He doesn’t mind being handled and he’s kind of a must see for all my English students at my school when they come for lessons, great for (gentle and careful) children as well. He’ll keep getting bigger so cage size might need to increase eventually but he’s fine for now.

If you think you might be leaving Japan in a few years, it’s possible I could take him back in the future if you want, provided my very ill MIL has passed on. I’m in Higashi kun and can deliver around Fukuoka or somewhere reasonable.

Feeding is really easy, he eats about 1 or 2 frozen mice a week, you can buy them at Cainz, for example, for around ¥200. It’s kinda weird at first but gets easy if you’ve never done it.

Images at
Let me know if you have any questions, thanks.

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