Free Household Items and Home Appliances

Sep 16, 2021 16:12 by Tushar

Hello, I am leaving Fukuoka shortly and I need to vacant my place by this month (30 September 2021). I have the following items and home appliances to give you FREE:
1) Mid-size Refrigerator: Fujitsu
2) Washing Machine: 8 kg, Toshiba
3) Electric Oven
4) Stand Fan
5) Dining Table with 4 Chairs
6) Small Electric Heater: 2 pieces
7) 2 Seater Sofa: 1 Piece
8) Cloth Rack: 1 piece
9) Semi-double Bed: 1 piece
10) Single Bed: 1 piece
11) Shoe Rack: 1 piece
12) Weight Machine (Bathroom Scale)
13) Small Size Foldable Tea-Table (like Kotatsu): 2 pieces
14) Kitchen Utensils
15) Toys and Books for Kids: Books (English, Bangla, Japanese)

Interested one can contact me over the phone (08039793966). I live in Shirohama Danchi, Higashi-ku.

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