Free semi double bed and mattress topper (near hakata station) great condition

Dec 24, 2019 23:48 by smith848585


I am giving away a semi double bed as well as a mattress topper that I bought 2 years ago. It is in great condition, but I have to let it go since I am moving. The bed is collapsible for easy moving (I will do this beforehand so you can get the bed conveniently).

Must pick up at my address (near hakata station canal city). Please let me know ASAP, ideally I can give it to someone either this week( maybe Friday evening) or in January before I move.

The bed can fit plastic drawers underneath. I can give those to you as well if u want for free.

Please contact me and we can arrange something quickly. Will give preference to those that give their phone number so that I can call and confirm details

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