Fukuoka JALT September Event: “Multilingual Childraising”

Sep 9, 2019 19:22 by bilpel

Christine Provenzano will give a presentation titled “Multilingual Childraising: Giving children access to the world.” Doors open at 6 PM (18:00), and the presentations start at 6:30 PM.

Cost: 1,000 yen to non-JALT members; free to members.

Location: Tenjin: Kurume University Satellite Campus in the ELGALA building, next to Daimaru, near Tenjin Minami station. Use the south-east “Office” entrance.

Please see for details.

Fukuoka JALT is a chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (全国語学教育学会), a non-profit organization promoting excellence in language learning, teaching, and research by providing opportunities for those involved in language education to meet, share, and collaborate.

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