Full Time Assistant ¥200,000/mo

Jan 7, 2021 09:58 by akarrington

Seeking assistance with translation, research and general bookkeeping.

Responsibilities include:
• Provide support handling communication/translation, including making appointments, making inquiries about possibly hours of operation, travel details for onsens for example, or community meetings or government personal surveys.
• Keeping and updating a detailed contact list of the following: shops where to buy online organic produce and when to buy, doctors and other medical contacts, repair people, etc..,
• Research online for travel in Japan such as fun things to see and do, finding other organic produce than what we found already, new restaurants and their reviews, making travel arrangements, undertaking various general tasks
• Practice Japanese with me one hour per day where it is first ensuring the questions and answers are correct and then 5 repetitions of those Q&A
• Preparing general book-keeping once or twice a month.

• Native Japanese speaker
• Excellent oral and written skills in English and Japanese
• Interest in taking directives from an American woman and an American man
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Excellent attention to detail
• Ability to multi-task on simultaneous projects at once
• Ability to work independently and take initiative (after doing a task, research new places to go or restaurants or finding new organic food or events etc)
• Good research skills
• Computer skills (we can teach Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint, etc.)

• Work remotely
• Preferably located in Itoshima or in close proximity
• Full time Monday through Friday 9:00 – 17:00
• Salary ¥200,000 per month

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