Full-time English teachers for Kita Kyushu

Oct 29, 2021 17:15 by KGG Recruiting Team

Seiha English Academy will be opening the first English Village in KitaKyushu from Spring, 2022. In collaboration with Tokyo Global Gateway (, KGG is beginning to hire our start-up team members.
KGG is looking for English speaking (Non-native English speakers welcome!) team members who love interacting with Japanese learners of all ages and levels.

Work time: 40 hours a week
Remuneration: ¥250,000/month/ ¥3 Million/year Social Insurance, Pension & Paid
transportation (up to ¥30,000/month)
Contract: 1 year/ Renewable by mutual agreement
Start date: Spring, 2022
Working Location: Aeon Mall ​​Yahata-East (Railway stop: Space World)
Interview Process: 1st via Zoom 2nd/last at Seiha headquarters in Fukuoka
Requirements: English speaker (all nationalities welcome), Loves children, Valid
working visa (Seiha can support renewals)

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