Fun in a group!

Sep 27, 2023 15:43 by L_Johnson

Hi, guys, come on! Let’s have fun!We’ve a small number of English speaking community in Minami-ku where we want to grow more & trying to enlarge our group memebers in near future. If you’re a Japanese male/female & want to learn English, exchange your ideas,work experiences, travel experiences abroad & so on, why don’t you join us? It’s open to everyone else, any other foreign nationals are also welcome! But my prferefence would be to those who like foreign culture, exchange of ideas to each other. Our first gathering will be at the end of October. The venue is yet to be decided. If you’re really interested, flexible & easy-going, do contact at: ASAP. Please keep in in mind that I’m a open-minded, flexible, easy-going person from a tiny Himalayan kingdom, Nepal. Thank you & bye for now!!

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