Furniture, Sports Equipment, and Children’s Items for Sale

Jul 12, 2019 07:35 by Fukuokahomesale

We have a few items for sale or to give away.

Ikea Pello lounge chair – 1500 yen
Goodbaby Child Booster car seat (with full back) – 1000 yen
Ignio situp/weight bench – 1000 yen
One set Perfect push up/one set Ignio push up handles – 500 yen each
LG E2381 23 Inch HD Computer monitor – 3000 yen
Logitech X-140 computer speakers – 1000 yen
Assorted Children’s Toys – Free for pickup

Please contact me for photos or to schedule a pickup in the Nishijin/Momochi area. We will also be available to deliver some of the larger items to the area around Nishijin. Thank you!

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