Gorgeous brand new suit for sale (tallish person)

Sep 11, 2019 09:48 by Neil

My son bought me a brand new suit in Sydney. We wear the same clothes here in Fukuoka. Unfortunately when I tried it on,it didn’t fit at all. I paid ¥55,000 for this suit, it has NOT been worn so I would like to sell it for ¥30,000. It comes with a suit cover. The suit was ‘Made in Italy’
SIZE: ANYBODY from 175cm~185cm can wear this suit no problem. I will send you photos of the label with the sizes just to make sure and YES ! you should try it on before buying.
FREE BONUS: I will give you a newish STEAM CLEANER with the suit for free. Only used it a few times, and some of the accessories have never been used.
MEETING PLACE: The nearest JR train station to where you live. I live in Kurume.

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