Great Sayonara Sale – High end goods and some free stuff

Jun 25, 2020 15:13 by Gregarious Greg

Here’s everything that I’m selling or giving away for free. Ideally I would like to have anything here picked up in the last week of July (unless otherwise noted). I’m a ten minute walk from the Nishijin and Befu subway stations. Contact me at any time! –

– Work desk. 3000¥. Simple, but sturdy. Wide, good for multiple computers, holding shelves, etc.
– Book shelf. 1,500¥.
– TV stand. 5000¥. Very nice, sturdy, high quality.
– Yamaha YAS-203 sound system. 15,000¥. Bluetooth sound bar with wireless subwoofer and remote control. Very good condition.
– Panasonic 55” TH-P55S60CD plasma TV. 45,000¥. Great condition. Fantastic for video games and movies. A great catch for plasma fans, as I bought this new the exact month that it was taken off the assembly line. Comes free with a $150 USD power converter.
– Sofa. 8,000¥. Plain, dark brown sofa bought at Nitori. Seats two people. Available for pick up any time.
– Single mattress with metal and wooden base. Bought at Muji for 30,000¥. Selling for 10,000¥.
– Sharp AY-D28SD Ion Plasmacluster air conditioner with remote control. Great condition. You will have to take care of deinstallation. 15,000¥.
– Coffee table: 3000¥. Glass top. Very wide, very fancy. Minor chip on one edge that is not so noticeable/easy to cover up.
– Two Ikea standing lamps. 500¥ each.
– Ikea Office chair. 3000¥.
– Sharp SJ-D17A-S refrigerator. Very good condition. 15,000¥.
– Toshiba AW-42ML Stainless Drum washing machine. Excellent condition. 8,000¥.
– Ceiling light. 500¥.
– Single speed Bicycle with tire pump, lock, and other goodies. 3000¥.
– Gas stove. 2000¥.
– Toshiba TA-C35 electric iron. 2000¥. Free iron board if you want it. Available for pick up any time.

Free (everything but the kettle can be picked up at any time):
– Two Ikea patio chairs.
– Fiction novels.
– Shoe stand.
– Umbrellas.
– Broom and pan.
– Curtains.
– Peacock electric kettle.
– Iron board
– Other stuff

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