Housold and a few baby items

Mar 2, 2019 09:05 by Media

Hello. items for sale. Items are in good condition, some been used for only a year.
Sharp TV 20 inch (model: Sharp-VNotebook-LCDTV-AQUOS-LC–20ex1) 5000 yen
Fashionable glass cofee table disassemblable used for a year: 2000yen
Simple Cuppboard 4shelved: 1000
Comfortable office chair: 1000
Study table:free
Light weight Baby bed disassemblable only used for a year.adjustable into two types of height. 120×60: 2000
Baby carriage 1000
Unused LED light 100v- four years guarantee: 1000
Carousel aladdin stove AKP-S242: 2000
Two outlet gas cooker with owen: 1000
pick up only,near Ohashi/Sasabaru statiin. now available.
Mail for photos please

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