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Jul 10, 2019 16:50 by WahahaNihongo

Special Offer Lasts Until August 15th!

We at WAHAHA are passionate about Japanese education. Therefore, unlike most other businesses, we will be open and holding lessons during the Obon vacation period!

For anyone looking to improve their Japanese, whether you’re a complete beginner, or interested in studying Japanese for your career, don’t miss this opportunity to enroll!

【Course Description】
Along with our weekly standard intensive options, we are offering a special short-term course during the Obon season. This short-term course consists of up to three, two-hour intensive private lessons. In these lessons, you will have full-control over your curriculum. That means, whatever your preference our experienced and highly qualified teachers can accommodate you!

Like all our lessons, this short-term course can also be extended week-by-week, so there is no limit to how long you can study with us!

Additionally, for anyone who enrolls during the Obon season, whether for a short-term or longer term course, we are offering a special rebate; courses up to three days, will receive a 100% discount for their admission and 50% discount on their material’s fees – a 15000JPY value! Longer term courses will receive a 50% discount on both admission and materials fees – a value of 10000JPY!

This offer will not last forever, though, so act fast and enroll today!

【Cost and Details】
For courses up to three lessons: 8000JPY per two-hour private lesson, and 5000JPY for materials, administration and facility fee.

For courses consisting of more than three lessons: 8000JPY per two-hour lesson, and 10000JPY for enrollment and materials, administration and facility fee.

Additionally, we also offer Group lessons (6000JPY per three hours!) for those students interested in courses lasting a week or longer!

Once again, though these special offers are limited to the Obon season, all our lessons can be extended week by week – so there is no limit on how long you can study!

Prices do not include 8% sales tax.

WAHAHA Japanese Language School
Address:2-2-7, 4F Maizuru, Chuo ward, Fukuoka city

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