Kitchen storage, router and fan

Jan 2, 2021 17:37 by Jaïlys

Hi ! I need to sell some stuff !
– A kitchen storage for 1000 yen : length*width*height is 89*42*85. Bought it for a little more than 10 000 yen. In good condition. I replaced 2 wheels because they had some scratches because of a previous move out. Has 2 sockets to connect rice cooker and kettle or other.
– Router for 500 yen : bought it new on Amazon for 3200 yen and used it for 5 months. Cables included.
– Fan for 500 yen : bought it new in aeon for a little more than 2000 yen. Disassembled it and put it in the original box for cleaning and easier transport, and protection.
Here is a Google Drive link to see some photos of the stuff :
I can meet you in Fukuoka around kyudaigakkentoshi or Susenji station for the router and fan. You need to pick up the kitchen storage.

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