Leaving Fukuoka soon, sell all my furnitures

Aug 22, 2019 16:12 by B3

Hi guys,

I am going to leave Fukuoka soon, I would like to sell my furnitures with low price. I have enough furniture for a family as follows:
washing mechanism, fridge, dinner table, microwave, TV, sofa bed, bed, lights…
I would like to sell all these things and also give free (curtains, and stuffs for cooking…) for some one who buy above things.
I can take them as soon as possible you want at Kyudai Gakkentoshi station.

Btw, I have a car Daihatsu iramisu white car (with shaken) want to sell with a surprising price.
If you need to ship furniture to home by car, you may rent a car and I will help you to drive to your home.
Thank you!

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