Looking for a Full Time Teacher – Seiha English Academy

Nov 18, 2020 10:34 by Seiha HR Team

Seiha Network Co. Ltd. began as a small company in 1985, and in three decades, grew to the Company we know today, with over 1,300 locations throughout Japan. The Company believes that the driving force behind our growth is our employee’s persistent hard work, and Seiha’s teaching philosophy.

We are now seeking a Full Time English Language Teacher to teach children between the ages of 0 and 15 in Saga and Kurume area.

We offer:

• Monthly Wage of ¥ 250,000
• Company insurance and pension
• 100% compensation for all of work-related transportation costs
• All training, curricula and materials are provided regularly, excellent year-round training and
follow-up support

Required Professional and Personal Qualifications:

• Minimum of 4 year Bachelors degree
• Genuine personal and professional interest in English education for children
• Dependable and professional.
• Strong contributor to a team environment
• Enthusiastic, approachable and flexible
• Appropriate level of English for teaching children (Japanese language is not required for this
• Valid Work Visa (Visa sponsorship is available for qualified applicants)

Come and be a part of our growing team!

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