Looking for Korean Speakers!

Apr 6, 2021 09:22 by

Looking for Native Korean speakers for online Korean Cafe

Women’s University in Dazaifu is seeking for an Korean speaker who can join our online( partially in-person) “International Cafe” to exchange ideas about cultural and other matters with our students in Korean.

*May 20 to July 8, Every Thursday, 12:00-13:00, total 8 times.
We do this cafe through ZOOM, but on the first day and the final day will be done in-person. The transportation fee for the above two days will be covered by our university.
*Gratuity : 4,000yen (including tax), total 32,000yen (including tax)
*20s-early 30s women preferable

Please register with your information ( name, age, nationality, brief self-introduction, contact e-mail address) by 16 April, if you are interested in.
Successful applicants need to come to our university once for interview and paperwork by April 30. Transportation fee will be covered.

※ONLY successful applicants will be contacted by 21 April.



・日時:毎週木曜日12時~13時 全8回
5月20日~7月8日 ※5月20日と7月8日は大学に来ていただきます。
・謝礼:1回 4,000円(税金含む)交通費は実費をお支払いします。



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