Move out Sale

Sep 7, 2021 07:42 by rsm123

Hi everyone, I’m moving out of my apartment in Hirao at the end of Sept.

Many items 500 yen, larger items only 1000 – 3000! Please see photos.–TaOD-fUhXH4y5gdNvTWpUifUx7_XBdaVcEz1ETad6-mAscbC_3MqKboA?pli=1&key=UXRrSDNXQW8tdmtIVk1JUGtQaURYQ2l1bTUydUJR

Items available
3,000 Yen: Sofa (incl. 2 cushions); Dining Table (extending +4 chairs); Wooden bed frame (queen size); Fridge; Camping Tent (4-person dome tent (includes 2 air mattresses (1 single, self-inflating / 1 double with electric air pump), picnic table, cool box)
2,000 Yen: Curtains (1 pair – long, blue with lace; 1 small brown & white)
1,000 Yen: Folding table; Desk lights (set of 2); Iron + Ironing board; IKEA chairs (white, set of 2)
500 Yen: Toaster oven (red); Kettle; Garbage Bin + Stool; Chest of drawers; Ceiling Light; Takoyaki machine; End bookcase (light brown); desk chair (blue, arm rests); Coffee table; Rug (green)
Free: End bookcases (dark brown; x2), bathroom shelves; Fan (x2); washing machine

Notes: Fridge is clean, quiet, works great; tent/camping equipment barely used; curtains like new; sofa very comfortable; bed frame is sturdy (mattress too if you want it); washing machine works well but randomly a bit noisy; all other items in good working condition.

Smaller items available any time; larger items available 20th – 30th. If you live central (Fukuoka, I’m near Hirao station), it’s possible I could drive you back by (kei) car to save you carrying stuff. If you’d like to come see things, please indicate a couple of day/time preferences. Cheers!

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