Moving in August Sale!

Jul 15, 2020 21:22 by ltdomer98

Hello! I’m leaving Fukuoka in mid-August, and need to have everything gone from my apartment by August 11.

Big items (Bed, desk, stove, microwave, washer) are available from August 5-August 11. Other items can be available sooner, just let me know! I can help move things, but you must pick up or provide the transportation (if you rent a car/truck, I can drive it if you need a driver!)

Reply to me here through the site, and we can exchange LINE info to coordinate.

Pictures of major items found here:

Aqua AQW-S451 4.5kg Washer 8000 yen (Cheapest Amazon Used Price: 11,800 yen)

Haier 100L 2-door Refrigerator 7000 yen (Comparable models used on Amazon 9800—20,000 yen)

Mitsubishi RO-ES5 Microwave/Oven Combo 4000 yen (Used on Amazon for 7980).

5-cup Coffee Maker (500 yen)

Rinnai KGM64BE 2-Burner Gas Stove with Fish Grill, uses City Gas 7000 yen (26,000 yen new, 10,000 used on various sites).

2-person Dining Table and Chair set—2000 yen.

2-piece Computer Desk with built-in shelves: 3000 yen.

Desk chair—1000 yen

Semi-double Bed & Mattress. Mattress is very firm, great for a bad back! – 8000 yen

4-drawer chest: 1500 yen

3-drawer plastic chest: 400 yen

Canon TR 4520 Printer/Scanner 5000 yen (originally $150)

Desk lamp: 300 yen

Overhead ceiling light: 1500 yen (originally 5500 yen)

Hand truck/dolly for moving furniture: Free with purchase of larger items!

Hitachi RZ-NX100J 5-cup rice cooker 3000 yen (available used online for 6000-15,000 yen)

Toshiba SCS-T92 Toilet Seat 6000 yen (bought new for 16,000 yen)

Bicycle—27in, “Mama chari” style, some wear but usable. 1000 yen.

Various cooking and kitchen utensils, cups, bowls, etc.: Free with purchase of other items.

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