Moving Out Huge Sale

May 11, 2019 19:54 by samuraikitten

Moving Out Sale

For pick-up from May 20th to the 27th in Ropponmatsu/Akasaka
Contact: +817044898212/07044898212 (Japanese Phone Number)
Any doubts please send me an e-mail at:
Or LINE me at: kevinlovesjapan
Depending on the item and the amount of items you buy, we are open for negotiations.

For pictures of each item please head to this link:

Nitori Desk: 2700円
Nitori Chair: 2500円
Semi-Double Bed-Frame: 7000円
Nitori Mattress*: 5000円
Coffee/TV Table**: 7000円
Nitori Bean Bag with Cover: 2425円
Muji Acrylic Partition Stand: 400円
Muji Acrylic 2-Level Drawer: 625円
Muji Acrylic Pencil/Jewelry Drawer: 625円
Muji Polypropylene Drawer Set: 1500円
Iron: 700円
CyclonicMax Neo Vacuum Cleaner***: 1845円
Lazer Bicycle Helmet: 1875円
Refrigerator: 10000円
Microwave Toaster Oven: 3000円

*One of the Nitori Beds that lean on the more expensive side meaning a lot more comfort than your usual japanese bed. It has only been used for a year and always with 2 layers of protection. No stains and looking like new. If you buy it I recommend buying new Nitori Protective Bed sheets.
**It’s extremely high quality and very heavy. At least 2 people needed for carrying it. I can help on the way to the car however. A Few scratches.
***Working perfectly however there is a patch with duct tape on it.

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