Moving out sale

Sep 11, 2023 08:53 by emabal

Moving out sale! Most of the items were purchased 1 – 1.5 year ago and all are in great condition. You can find the list of everything with prices and links to online pages for everything in this link:
Please let me know if you need pictures of anything. I can send some things via post or other service. If you’re interested in furniture, especially a larger number, and can’t pick it up yourself, we can discuss delivery (I can rent a car and deliver it to you). All the furniture can be disassembled before pick-up. Generally, the instruction manuals and accessories of everything are available, but not the original boxes. Prices are negotiable.
Feel free do send a message or comment if you have any questions!
Location: 福岡市西区大字飯氏

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