need a part time English teacher

Feb 5, 2023 10:58 by

We want to hire a part time English teacher starts from middle of March 2023. Tuesday and Friday, including one hour preparation, it starts from 14:30-20:40 on Tuesday. 14:30-19:20 on Friday. 70 min. lesson, we pay you 3000yen. 60 min. 2600 yen. 30 min. little kids 2000yen. one hour preparation 1000yen per one day. Tuesday you get 11400yen, plus transportation fee. Friday 10600yen. We have a parking space if you need it.
Please send us your CV with photo to our email address first. Interview starts from Feb.13th Monday.
I will give you a call before the interview.
Come and visit our website to see how and where, it is
We have more than 30 years history. I hope you like the family atmosphere of our school.

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