Online Private Japanese Lessons

Sep 14, 2020 17:01 by season

How is your Japanese study going? I hope you are enjoying learning Japanese.

Do you want to improve your Japanese listening and speaking skills?
Let’s study together!!

Hi, everyone! I am a native Japanese teacher who love teaching and meeting new people. I am a patient, kind, certified Japanese teacher with 10 years of teaching experience. I have taught Japanese, both in Japan and overseas, to all Japanese levels at several language schools, a university, a software company, and as a private tutor. I used to work at Japanese language schools in Fukuoka. Currently I am working as a freelance Japanese teacher.

Mondays to Fridays
8:00-15:00 3,000yen/60min
15:00-19:00 3,500yen/60min

9:00-14:30 3,500yen/60min
*I am sorry, the schedule is almost full for Saturday. Only 13:30-14:30 time slot is available now.

★A free 30-minute trial lesson is available.
★Except for a same day cancellation, make-up lessons will be provided.
★Payment: PayPal / Bank transfer

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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