Open For Freelance Work – Part Time

Jan 12, 2022 18:50 by Frozencry

Offering my services whether it be teaching English, writing, design or conversational practice.

Currently I am happily employed full time, but am willing to do extra work on the side to boost my income and network. If it fits my schedule then I’m happy to oblige assuming conditions are good.

A quick rundown of my experience:
Over eight years of language teaching experience (ALT, Eikaiwa, Summer Camps)
Extensive experience in IT and IT support – hardware and PC building knowledge, largely self-taught
3 years experience in freelance writing for an independent publication in Australia, including editing and proofreading.

Academic Qualifications:
Advanced TESOL Diploma qualification 2013
Diploma in Digital Media 2010
Diploma in Counseling 2020

Most Recent Achievements:
Continue to run an active blog spanning over three years with over 100 posts written, focusing on original ideas in philosophical topics such as epistemology and metaphysics, alongside other subjects such as cognitive therapy.

Independently researched and published a short book on language teaching and how humans acquire language on Amazon (self-published)

Successfully painted over a dozen digital artworks for a young, indie music group in America in 2020.

Highly ambitious and focused if the job and price is right.

If anyone has any work – particularly in writing – feel free to email me, and I can send you more information and references.

Many thanks

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