sayonara sale

Jan 9, 2020 14:31 by Minh Chau

Hi, we are leaving Fukuoka, and we want to sell our stuff, all is in good working conditions and brand new. You can see the pictures from the below link, pick up location is near Kaizuka station.
1. Electric carpets
Brown color one, 2 sheets: 2500 yen
Size 170 cm X 175 cm, 100V-510W, rug size: 180 cm x 180 cm.
Grey color one, 2 sheets: 2000 yen
Size : 170 cm x 170 cm, 100V-500W, rug size: 170 cm x 180 cm.
2. Ceramic heaters
Ceramic heater with a humidifier: 1500 yen
Ceramic heater: 1000 yen
3. LED Ceiling lamp
Ceiling lamp with the remote control: 3500 yen
Ceiling lamp with many free light bulbs: 1500 yen
4. Fan: 1000 yen
5. Weight lifting equipment: 1500 yen
6. Nitori folding tables
Rectangle shape table: 1500 yen
Round table: 1000 yen
Square table: 500 yen
7. Baby bathtub: 300 yen
8. Clothes hanger stand
Black color, double: 1500 yen
Single clothes hanger stand, grey color: 1000 yen

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