sayonara sale (cont’d)

Jan 14, 2020 15:26 by Minh Chau

Hi, we are leaving Fukuoka, and we want to continue to sell our stuff, all shelving units are in good working conditions and some are brand new, we have 6 more shelving units with different sizes, we will update later. You can see the pictures from the below link, the pickup location is nearby Kaizuka station.
1. Big shelving unit: chrome color, dimension: 90x45x150 cm, it has 4 shelves,
price: 1500 yen.
2. Big shelving unit, color: grey, dimension: 90x45x150 cm, it has 4 shelves, price: 1800 yen.
3. Pink metal shelving unit: dimension: 75x35x82 cm, price: 1200 yen.
4. Grey metal shelving unit: dimension: 59x36x48 cm, price: 500 yen.
5. Wooden shelving unit: dimension: 58x34x64 cm, price: 500 yen.

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