Sayonara Sale (loft bed, IKEA wardrobe & more). Must go by Saturday!

Nov 20, 2018 10:20 by fergburger

Hello Everyone,

I’m leaving Japan and need to get rid of all of my stuff.

Here is an updated list of items for sale, with pictures and pricing attached.
Items are for pick-up in the Haruyoshi area.
Larger items may require a motor vehicle to transport.
Items should be picked up by Saturday.

1. Loft Bed – 15,000yen
2. Ikea Patio Set – Tarno (weathered) – 1,000yen
3. Chest of Drawers – 4,000 yen
4. Custom Ikea Pax wardrobe system – 15,000 yen
5. Standing Desk – 3,000 yen
6. 2 burner gas stove with fish grill – 4,000 yen

See attached google drive document for details and pictures.

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