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Mar 25, 2021 07:52 by vdmohamadi

The the following items are ready to sell:
It’s possible to deliver large items if your place is not so far from Kyudaigakkentoshi station-Itoshima.
1- Wooden single bed: 5000 yen
2-Washing machine: 2000 yen
3-Microwave with oven -Iris Ohyama: 3500 yen
4-Dressing table: 3000 yen
5-Dinning table with 2 seats (Rotating seat 360 degree): 2500 yen
6-Bicycle (blue color) : 5000 yen
8-Storage case with three drawers: 500 yen
9-Floor adjustable chair (can use as a relaxing bed): 500 yen
10-Vaccum cleaner: 1000 yen
11-Coffee maker: 1000 yen
12-Oven toaster: 500 yen
You can see pictures in the following link:

For more information, pictures and negotiation please send email to
or call me in WhatsApp or directly to 07042329908.

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