selling before moving

Jun 20, 2019 07:39 by Hélo

Hello, I sell before my departure from Japan the furniture below.
To pick up before June 26th.

– fan (40 cm high) 1000 yen
– Dyson vacuum cleaner (the handle is a little broken but it works perfectly) 3000 yen
– shelf (height 160cm, width 30cm, depth 30cm) 1000 yen
– winter-summer covers 500 yen each
– Two ceiling lights 1000 yen each
– accordino light (height 105cm) 500 yen
– Fridge 3000 yen
– Gas stove (2) 4000 yen
– Kettle 1000 yen
– rice cooker 1000 yen
– Gray fabric coffee table and gray-pink matching pouffe (set) 1000 yen
– white plastic furniture with 3 drawers (height 65 cm, width 50 cm, depth 35 cm) 1000 yen
– 3 cubes (35-35-35cm) in dark brown wood (with door) 1500 yen together
– 3-drawer white metal furniture (height 60cm, width 40cm, depth 70cm) 1000 yen

Free: small television (local channels) for someone who learns Japanese

let me know as fast as possible if you are interested and I can send you a photo.

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