Tanoshi Eikaiwa Ltd

Nov 10, 2021 07:55 by uniopp

English Teacher Wanted by Tanoshi Eikaiwa Ltd

Are you interested in starting your own Eikaiwa lessons in rural Kumamoto?

I have the building/playground/parking, equipment, curriculum, lesson schedule (evenings only), can provide training and will
recommend 200+ of my current students to enroll in your lessons.

The right person will need to:
● be able to make a commitment before the end of this year,
● be able to meet and spend time in class with your prospective
students, as often as you need, during January, February and
March 2022,
● be able to start your own lessons from the beginning of April 2022,
● already have the required work visa or residency,
● be a native of USA, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand,
● be able to speak reasonable Japanese,
● be friendly, outgoing, active and love children.

If that sound like you, please take a look at the following website

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