Trading 55inch LG 4K TV, IPad, Nintendo switch, and Honda life car

Jan 13, 2020 21:05 by EnglishTeacher4ever

I need a one way ticket to America could be anywhere I could care less. I’m American so I can find a place and figure something out once I arrive. Please book a ticket anytime in August this year 2020.

I will give you Honda Life Car 2011,
LG 4K 55inch TV, apple IPAD head phones and charger, Nintendo switch 3 controllers, Mario party game and tsumu tsumu Disney game, and Nintendo 3DS LL with 3DS games. I will delivery everything to you after you bought the ticket, but the car has to be last because I still use it.

Call me or email me if your interested.
I’m pretty sure you can find a really cheap one-way ticket to America anywhere. Surprise me.

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