Travel Industry Career Opportunity (Kyushu)

May 26, 2023 19:13 by Kyushu Journeys

English below

九州インバウンド旅行の「Kyushu Journeys」は正社員を募集して います。旅行業への興味、一定の英語力があれば経験は問いません。詳 しくは募集要項をごらんください。

Kyushu Journeys is hiring for a dynamic role in the travel industry. This full-time, permanent position involves tasks such as being a travel agent, handling sales & marketing, social media, administration, and potentially tour guiding (optional). The role is open to both Japanese citizens and foreign residents. Previous experience isn’t required as there are ample opportunities for career development.


Resident of Kyushu, passionate about travel, advanced level Japanese and English, university/college graduate, comfortable with office work and social media, confident in numerical tasks and has attention to detail, comfortable with English and Japanese correspondence (AI support available).


Responsibilities include trip planning, booking accommodations, communication with clients, general office duties, social media management, meeting clients and travel industry professionals.

Employment Progression:

The role starts with a 3-month probation period, followed by two years as Keiyakushain (契約社員), then promotion to Seishain (正社員) based on mutual agreement.


Insurance (including Shakai Hoken 社会保険), pension contributions, 14 days annual leave, transport allowance, and a bonus after transitioning to Seishain (正社員).

Workplace & Hours:

Work from the Kyushu Journeys HQ in Iizuka city four days per week, with one day of remote work. Working hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00, with flexible options to suit your personal and family commitments.

Candidates who enjoy traveling, meeting people, and want to develop themselves professionally in a long-term role with the potential for promotion are encouraged to apply.

Full details and application procedure available here:

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