Various high end items- Leather soda, 65” LG OLED TV, aibo, iMac, iPads, Washer/Dryer Combo, VEGETA Fridge, Nespresso & More!

May 3, 2020 07:35 by spicedwolf

Hey guys! So, I originally planned to stay in Japan a few years and bought furniture and things accordingly. Well, long story short, I went back to the US due to coronavirus and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting back anytime soon. It also doesn’t seem like japan will resume shipments to the USA for months and I don’t want to keep paying double rent. I’m also being pressured to move out because of no longer having a residence card, so I’be decided to cut my losses and sell everything in the apartment. I’m just hoping to gain back at least a little of my expenses. My gigantic regret is your gain! 😀

Feel free to make offers on anything. I will give priority to those willing to take more off my hands. Unfortunately I’m not looking to part with small items alone since I’m basically asking my realtor to do me a favor in helping arrange pickup for items. Ideally I’m looking for someone who might want to just take all of it for a good price and can then sell it for a profit themselves but I’m willing to listen to offers.

Everything is LIKE NEW and was only used for the past 6 months or less.

My apartment is located in Daimyo, Chuo-Ku. I cannot offer any delivery so everything will need to be picked up by the buyer. I need stuff gone ASAP!

BoConcept ISTRA Leather Sofa in Black (Bought for over 450,000yen from the Fukuoka showroom. It has a few small scratches but overall is excellent condition)

LG OLED 65” TV (Bought for over 240,000yen from Costco)

iMac 27” 3.8QC/8GB/2TB FD/RP580 (Bought for 274,104yen from Apple Tenjin)

Panasonic Smart Washer Dryer Combo (Bought for over 200,000yen from Bic Canera) This machine is awesome btw! I freaking loved it!

Toshiba Double Door VEGETA Refrigerator
(Bought for over 200,000yen at Yodobashi)

Sony Aibo w/ Aibone & Cube accessories (Has the common leg joint problem but is still under warranty for a free repair, otherwise perfect condition with no blemishes)

IPad Pro 12.9” WiFi Space Grey 256gb x2 (One has a visible scratch on the front screen that doesn’t impact use, but can be felt with your finger. The other is brand new in the box)

AirPods w/ Wireless Charging Case x2
Like new, used only a handful of times

Nespresso Lattisima Touch (Makes lattes and espresso!)

Dyson Hair Dryer (Sealed and unused) (Bought for 40,000yen at yodobashi)

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB White w/ 3 Controllers & Games

Oculus Quest VR Gaming System

Furbo Dog Camera

Coach Flower Clutch Purse
Like New, never worn

Samantha Vega Sailor Moon Artemis Purse
Like new

2 Giant sleepy shiba nemunemu pillow plush Bought from Loft (unopened, as I intended them as gifts later)

A gigantic pile of anime goods— 6 scale figures, around 40 prize figures, loads of miku expo goods like shirts, dakimakura, wall scrolls, manga, Blu-ray’s etc. I’m looking for ONE buyer for the lot. You can probably trade all of this into mandarake or book off for a decent chunk of change!

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