Various items (some are free)

Apr 28, 2020 19:48 by SR400

Photos here –

The vacuum cleaner, USB microphone, Pilates pole, and Japanese language
books are all free.

Motorcycle waterproofs (Tops and bottom set – but trousers not pictured)

Motorcycle cover for Mid-Large sized motorcycle (not pictured, but only used for a short time)

“Castelli Evoluzione 2” cycling shorts (3/4 length, size L, new with tags)
– ¥7,000 (original price was ¥13,500. Received as a gift, but not my size)

Tuttle Kanji cards – Set 1 + 2.
A few hundred of set 1 have been used, but most remain unused. Set 2 is as
new – ¥1,000 each.

Collection only.

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