We are looking for a native English teacher

Jan 13, 2021 20:39 by Minamiku English

SPACE English is looking for a new teacher.

We have a set curriculum and certain guidelines for our teachers, however we also encourage a teacher’s creativity in finding new and fun ways of teaching existing materials.

<We offer>
●1~3days between Wednesdays to Saturdays
● kindergarten classes , Kids classes , student classes and adult classes
●between 3 – 7 classes each day
●1,800yen to 2,500yen per hour plus transportation costs 800yen max a day
● between 2:30pm to 8:30pm
<School location >
Fukuoka city Minami-ku, 3min from Nishitetsu Ohashi station.

As part of this job, we also offer outside teaching jobs (twice a month) at local kindergartens.

<At Space English>
We do not offer full time jobs. Only part time work.
We are only interested in teachers who intend to work a minimum of 2 years.
We do not offer Visa sponsorship so you should have a long term visa.
Only native English speakers need apply.

Please send us your information(name ,English level, kind of VISA) via the FUKUOKA NOW form.

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