We are looking for a roommate in Onojo-Kasuga

Jul 9, 2022 10:39 by onojohn

We are looking for a friend and a roommate to our new place (family house).
The place is near Kasugabaru station (around 8 minutes walk) and close to the AEON shopping mall (6 minutes walk).

We are looking for up to two people to have their own rooms.
– The rooms have bed and table+chair included (AC is installed as well).
– The common space is a fully equipped kitchen, living room and shared bathroom.
– The price for one month is 43000/person including internet, then plus the standard shared services (gas, electricity, water) based on the month usage.

Move in anytime starting August!

– The house is brand new! Because we are already living there, we don’t need any key fee or agency fee, just the standard safety deposit is enough!
If you are interested, please write me to my email:

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