Experience Japanese Speed Boat Racing!

Become an expert on Japanese Speed boat racing in just one day! In this special introductory session, the rules and betting system will be clearly explained by an English-speaking guide who will then accompany you to reserved seats inside the stadium and answer all your questions during the races. Even newcomers will enjoy a day of thrilling high-speed boat races!

July 14 (Sat.) 13:00~16:00

• Lecture and overview of the sport
• Third tier reserved seating (¥1,000 value)
• Prepaid Quo Card (¥1,000 value) which can be used for betting
• Original Perabou (speed boat character) souvenir strap

To apply to participate in the Japanese Speed Boat Racing event on July 14 (Sat.), fill out the following form. Once your application has been received, you will be contacted by Fukuoka Now with further details.

• Event capacity is 40 in total.
• Only persons 20 years and older can participate.

Meeting place
Assemble at the main entry gate of the Fukuoka Boat Races (1-7-5 Nanotsu, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City).

Sweets and stalls!
Don’t forget to sample the delicious array of foods available at the popular Boat Race Fukuoka food stalls. On July 15 and 16, the very popular M Corne cream puffs will be on sale. These sweets are so delicious, you’ll find yourself visiting the M Corne store in Maehara when the Boat Races are over! Other well-known shops and stalls will sell foods on site too.

ENGLISH support available!