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Udon Wasuke

Fukuoka’s claim to be the birthplace of Japanese udon noodles is subject to debate, but when it comes to goboten udon (udon noodles with burdock tempura), there’s no question: Fukuoka did it first, and still does it best. Udon Wasuke is a particularly popular place to try this local favorite (best avoid the noon rush). A huge 20 cm wide disk of gobo tempura covers the bowl. It takes some practice, but you use your chopsticks to break off bits of the crunchy tempura and dip them into the soup, then slurp them up with the noodles. The fibrous gobo is deep fried for each order, and has a nutty, roasted flavor. Their noodles, made with Hokkaido flour, are relatively thin yet firm, while the clear soup is light and tasty. For summer, we recommend the Sappari Bukkake Udon: chilled noodles are colourfully garnished with grated daikon, wakame, shiso leaf, umeboshi, katsuobushi, and green onion. Beautiful dishes, full of Fukuoka flavor.

Sappari Bukkake Udon ¥700 , Goboten Udon ¥600

Udon Wasuke
Address : 3-40-30 Tenjin, Chuo-ku [ MAP ]
Open : 11:00~16:00, 18:00~22:00
Close : Sun.
Published: Jul 30, 2015 / Last Updated: Oct 17, 2019

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