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Itoshima Now! March 2020

From Russia With Love!

We never ceased to be amazed at the diversity of passionate and talented people in Itoshima. Yoshiko Misaka is another example. While living in St. Petersburg as an exchange student, she loved to explore her surroundings and taste the local delicacies, including sweets. After moving back to Fukuoka, however, those treats were nowhere to be found. So she began to make her own. However, without the same ingredients, even the flour is different, it wasn’t easy. But she didn’t give up, and with encouragement and guidance from Russian and Ukrainian friends in Japan, she achieved authenticity, and her hobby became a business. Three days a week, she sells a bevy of Russian sweets, cakes, and of course, fresh out of the oven, piroshki. But don’t arrive late, she sells out fast.

Several kinds of piroshki available: Mince Meat, Mashed Potato & Mushroom, Cabbage & Boiled Egg, Cottage Cheese & Raisin, Apple, and more.

Russian Sweets Solntse
319-2 Kafuri, Itoshima City
• Open: 11am ~ 5pm (or until sold out), Thu., Fri., Sat., (check Insta or Facebook for schedule updates).
Instagram / Facebook

Goat Milk Pudding & Goat Therapy

Hats off to Shuji Oshima, who’s now living his dream! And that dream is to watch goats freely roam and graze the fields of his mountainside ranch in Itoshima. Oshima retired from a successful career in restaurants and then cleared the land where he grew vegetables. But it was on a hunting trip to Hirado, Nagasaki, that he first became enamored by the sight of grazing goats. Oshima acquired a few as pets, but then things snowballed! He now has 21 (soon 30) for milking and six as pets, and with wide-open fields to roam, they are truly pampered. Later this spring, he plans to make fresh goat cheese, but in the meantime, delectable goat milk puddings are on offer. The desserts (three flavors) are made with 100% goat milk, eggs, and just a dash of sugar and without preservatives or colorings. Available for takeaway or enjoy them inside his gorgeous farmhouse with garden view. Feel free to walk around and admire the goats.

Itoshima Shizen Nouen Yagi Bokujo
2711-4 Shima Koganemaru, Itoshima City
• Open: 11am ~ 4pm, Closed: Fri.

Good Time Memories

Itoshima is a popular destination for urbanites to stretch their bodies and refresh their minds. Images of its coastline, rice fields, and mountains should last for days, but for those who want to keep those precious moments longer, Natsuko might have something for you. Inside her hiply designed container, she makes silver and gold accessories using gem and birthstones. Her background includes studying glassmaking in Oregon and jewelry making in Okinawa; so, setting up shop along the coast of Itoshima seems like a natural fit. Her best-known line is her aroma accessories, pierced earrings, and necklaces with refillable essential oils (heated by your body) in glass designs. Handmade crafts by other local artists are also on display. So before or after a walk on the beach, drop by for a browse and memorialize your special time.

Jewelry & Glass Re Sara
In front of Gohanyaohana Restaurant (Shima-Nogita, Itoshima) on Route 54
• Open: Noon-sunset
• Closed: Irregular

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn255, Mar. 2020)

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Published: Feb 28, 2020 / Last Updated: Apr 3, 2020

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