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Analog Craft Chocolate

After 16 years of baking cakes in Kitakyushu, Kenji Nagatomi is focusing on his passion – chocolate. Luckily for us, he opened a shop just steps from Chikuzen-Maebaru Station where the laborious bean to bar seven-step process begins with roasting single-origin cacao beans, then refining them for 36 hours, and then winnowing, melanging, tempering, and finally packaging. Currently, he’s using organic beans from Vietnam and El Salvador. Milk, Spices, and Bitter are available in boxes of coin-shaped wafers (12 pcs.). Try his Nama Chocolate and Pudding too!

Menu: Milk ¥648, Spices ¥648, Bitter ¥540, Nama Chocolate ¥724, Pudding ¥702

Analog Craft Chocolate
Address : 2-10-55 Maebaru-chuo, Itoshima City, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 11:00~18:00 * Hours have been shortened for COVID-19 prevention. 12:00~18:00
Close : Tue.
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Published: Oct 27, 2020 / Last Updated: Oct 27, 2020